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There are many attractions in the area of Rewa and it’s vicinity, so surely you will find something for yourself depending on your interests, mood and the weather. Have a look at our suggestions, and we guarantee that your time by the sea will be unforgettable.

The marine climate here has a very good effect on health because of its iodine content. Every city of the 3city has its own special atmosphere, which is the reason why so many Polish and foreign tourists come here every year.

Tri-City nightlife standards are very high and there is very many clubs and pubs. You can visit both the old town in Gdansk, the Monciak in Sopot, as well as around the Kosciuszko Square in Gdynia

Water sports
Water sports have a long traditions in Rewa. That is why the village provides a great range of this kind of activities.

Rewa is situated in a privileged position with an access to two water regions which in turn ensures water sports conditions that are second to none and difficult to find elsewhere. Due to above Rewa gives plentiful opportunities not only for recreational swimming, but also for water sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Windsurfing is a well established surface water sport in Rewa. Learning to use the board and the wind is not as difficult as you might think, but it is advisable to take lessons with one of the professional schools. With coaching and favourable conditions, the basic skills can be learned within a few hours.

Kitesurfing, which is one of the most recent water sports, is truly a fascinating and challenging discipline. In spite of the fact that this sport is still in its infancy, it is rapidly growing in popularity. In order to meet the growing demands of the tourists who are more and more attracted by this discipline there are professional kitesurf centres in the village of Rewa who offers a basic and advances courses and trainings.

Sport equipment for windsurfing or kitesurfing can be rented in local sport clubs and sport equipment rentals.

On the picturesque cliff shore of the Puck Bay you will find a mysterious and charming Neo-Gothic Palace which is called Jan III Sobieski. It was created by Fredrik Stuler in 1840 and recalls memories of former owners - the Von Below family. Once upon a time a convenient, aristocratic residence and nowadays a comfortably, high standard hotel surrounded by an exceptional old park.

The Palace is accessible from Rewa with a bike excursion. Lovers of active rest close to nature will be delighted by the enhancing nature while riding along linden alley of Jan III Sobieski which leads to the Palace.

Gdynia is one of the youngest Polish cities - it was granted city rights in 1926.

However the city has a lot of tourist, entertainment and trade attractions.

Kosciuszki Square is one of the most favourite places for walks and hikes for tourists and inhabitants. It is here where a lot of concerts, galas and other events took place.

You can admire beautiful yachts which come here from all over the world, such as during THE CUTTY SARK TALL SHIPS' RACES in 2003. Every day you can board the "Bounty of Pomerania" (Dar Pomorza) - the most popular ship among many cadets who acquired their sailing skills on board, and also the "Lightning" (Blyskawica) - a destroyer -both museums today. A lot of concerts, festivals and other celebrations are held on the Square, especially in the summer. At the end of Aleja Zjednoczenia there is a monument to Joseph Conrad - the great marine writer who was born in Poland.

Abraham's House , situated at Starowiejska Street, was erected in 1904. It became famous because of Antoni Abraham, who devoted all his life to the fight for Poland's freedom. Abraham was charismatic leader who encourage people to fight for a free Poland. He was also a veteran to the First World War.

Sea Boulevard of Feliks Nowowiejski is 1.5 km long and it is a unique place of a direct contact between the city and the sea. It stretches from Kościuszki Square to the beach in Gdynia Redlowo. A lot of tourists and citizens stroll here and admire the magnificence of the sea. The Boulevard is loved by runners and roller bladders.

50 metres above the Boulevard transcend the Stone Hill. From that place you can see an enchanting panoramic view of the city, marine port and sea. At the top of the hill there is a cross 52.4 metres high.

The Church of St Michael Archangel is located on Arciszewska's Street at Kępa Oksywska. This is the oldest building in Gdynia. The church was erected in the beginning of the XIII century. It was destroyed in the XVII century during the Swedish Wars. Reconstructed, it was again destroyed during the Second World War. It was rebuilt again and still serves people. It is surrounded by a cemetery and a few buildings from the XIX and XX centuries.

Gdynia Aquarium was founded in Gdynia since 1971. For over 30 years it was named “Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium Marine Fisheries Institute in Gdynia”. Gdynia Aquarium is an extraordinary place in the city center. You can see unusual species of fish, amphibians and reptiles from different regions of the world such as Africa, North America or midnight of our continent.

The Polish Navy Museum is located on the Sea Boulevard close to the beach. You can admire monumental guns there, which were used from the XVII century up until the Second World War. Furthermore, there are aircraft and helicopters belonging to the Navy air arm.

Sopot - the most famous Polish seaside resort First references to Sopot were found in early medieval manuscripts. However it was John George Haffner who contributed to the town's real rise as he was the one who made Sopot a famous health resort in 19th century. The main boardwalk in Sopot is Monte Cassino Heros Street. There are a lot of charming cafes and restaurants lining the street, usually filled with tourists during summer. At the end of the broadwalk you reach the beautiful pier - the greatest attraction of Sopot. This is the longest wooden pier in Europe, a place for walking and many celebrations. It is also a great place to admire the sight of Gdansk Bay. In addition to above it should be mentioned that Sopot is a city where you can find a lot of monuments, such as the old neo-gothic style St. George's Church or the Medieval castle, with traces of it's existance going back as far as the Stone Age.
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